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Adlens Adjustable Focus Eye Wear

Definitely not the average over the counter reader!  Adlens are adjustable focus glasses from powers of -6.00 to +3.00 at the turn of a dial. 

These are really handy to have for near, far and in between distances and make an excellent emergency spare.  It is also very gratifying to know that for each pair purchased one pair is donated to Vision for a Nation!


Clic Eye wear is a popular choice for many of our customers because they are so hard to lose.  They come with a rigid band that allow them to hang comfortably around the neck and are easy on and off with a unique magnetic bridge. 

Close Work

Thorp & Flippin Optical offers a couple of options of ready made readers for your convenience.  Of course for best vision and comfort we always recommend you consider having lenses made using your individual prescription.