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Fashion Tints

Thinner & Lighter Lenses

Polarized Sunglasses

Without AR            With AR

Anti-Reflective Coating

Many more options are available.

Including specialty lenses designed just for office and computer use as well as frame matched magnetic clips for custom sun and task specific uses.

  • Lenses Without Reflections-Anti-Reflective coatings greatly reduce annoying lens reflections and allow you to see better.  They are cosmetically more appealing and help with night driving and computer use.  Recommended for all.
  • Photo-Chromatic Lenses-Such as Transitions automatically darken outdoors and become virtually clear inside.  A great option and comfort feature for most people.
  • Polished Edges-A cosmetic option providing a more jewel like finish to the edge of the lenses.  We include this option at no additional charge on all Silhouette frames.
  • Ultra Violet Protection-Important for general eye health and is a feature included at no addition charge on most of the lenses we offer.
  • Thinner & Lighter Lenses-When combined with the proper frame selection this is a benefit to all with higher prescriptions.
  • Impact Resistant Materials-Mandatory for anyone under 18 years of age and included with most thinner lens options at no additional charge.
  • Polarized Lenses-For sunglasses offer the best protection for blinding glare and reduce eyestrain in bright outdoor conditions.
  • Specialty Lens Tints-These include special tints for computer gamers, hunters, fashion, sunglasses and for those who suffer headaches with our special therapeutic tints.

Enhance the way you see!

While no single pair of glasses can accommodate all of our visual needs, this being especially true as we reach the age of needing help with the fine print, certain lens enhancements can go a long way toward getting the most out of your new lenses.

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