The following is a true account of an interaction with a former internet eyeglass shopper and present happy customer.  (I promised to keep her identity anonymous.)

Thorp & Flippin Optical, Inc.

A very nice lady came into the shop one afternoon and asked if I could adjust her glasses.  I did not recognize her as a customer and noticed the frame she was wearing was one I would not have sold so I commented it was an interesting frame that she was wearing and asked where it was purchased.  She was completely honest and told me that she had ordered the frame online and added that it had not been comfortable to wear from day one.  

I politely asked her to have a seat and explained to her that I would be more than happy to adjust her glasses with a couple of conditions.  The first was if something should break while I was attempting the adjustment I could not be held responsible because her warranty was with the place she bought them from and not me.  Secondly, I informed her there would be a thirty-five dollar fee for the adjustment because her glasses were not purchased from our store.  

She emphatically told me that she would not dream of paying thirty-five dollars for an adjustment!  I responded by telling her not to worry because she still had a couple of free options available.  I suggested that she go anywhere else in town and see if they would be willing to adjust her glasses at no charge.  She informed me that she had been to a big box store and they were not willing to adjust her glasses because they were the rimless kind, the ones with no frame around the lenses, and were scared the glasses may break during the adjustment.  She quickly added again she would not pay me thirty five dollars for an adjustment.

I informed her she still had one free option to get her glasses to fit.  I told her to return home and log onto the site where she bought her glasses.  I told her to make sure she was in a comfortable position in front of the monitor.  She leaned in further as if I were about to reveal the secrets of the universe hanging on every word. I then told her, "Now press your face against the monitor and see if they can adjust your glasses for you". 

She cursed me for all I was worth and called me everything but a child of God.  I explained politely to her, "Ma'am shouldn't the place where you bought your glasses be able to adjust them for you?".  After a minute of silence she giggled and said she had never thought of it that way.  She agreed to the fee as we continued to laugh about our tense conversation.

While I was adjusting her glasses she happened to spot a frame she liked and asked if I could put her prescription in that particular pair. She purchased that pair and told me to add the adjustment fee to her bill which I promtley waived because she is now a customer and we both learned something that day.

Thank you Ms. Anonymous!

Robert Flippin 

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